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Slamrs Album!
Author: Slamr (Show all albums)

A few fishes past and present!
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Nikki with a RARE (honestly) moment not fishing while at Andy Myers Lodge, 2006

Muskie Mojo XX 48" Eagle Lake figure 8 muskie, taken during a sunny breezy day. Yes Brad, they will eat on Eagle Lake in the sun.

"hey look at that" Nikki says as this buck walked into the water about 50 yards from us. He got just a LITTLE nervous when I sped the motor towards him. Damn, deer can swim fast when they want to.

Eagle Lake sunset, the only thing cooler was when the moon rose over the trees....or maybe when shamu (I dont know, 51, 52, 54+?) came up to look at my weagle about 10 feet from the boat.

Mama and her doe about 75 yards away. Amazing thing was when a bait hit the water, her ears would perk up and look our direction. Even more amazing was that she could hear the trolling motor turn on.

Nikki's 40" in the net. I was MUCH more excited when it was in the net than she was. I yelled pretty loud, something resembling Howard Dean's maniacal yell during his race for the democratic nomination.

Nikki got bored of throwing bucktails all week and refused to throw the topraider (and it was too shallow for cranks) so she decided to learn to throw the weagle. She figured it out (with a little guidance, "just a gentle tap...ok a little less gentle than that") and I told her "ya know if you keep throwing that, eventually a fish is going to eat it". The fish hit about 2ft from the boat, after a quick "what do I do" she says (even before the fish is in the boat) "you were right, fish do eat it!". Now I just need to convince her to TOUCH the fish she catches!
Show Newest Photos First | Show Oldest Photos First181 Photos - Page : [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16]

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