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Muskie Fishing -> General Discussion -> Pain, pain, go away . . .
Message Subject: Pain, pain, go away . . .
Posted 3/9/2009 9:21 PM (#365220 - in reply to #365208)
Subject: Re: Pain, pain, go away . . .

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Location: Iowa Great Lakes
I'll be 42 on Saturday, surprisingly pain free. One guy I fish with is in his early 30's wears braces, pops asprin, drinks whiskey, has had cortizone shots recently and cusses me for being 1/2 his size 10 years older and pain free.
jay lip ripper
Posted 3/9/2009 10:06 PM (#365240 - in reply to #365090)
Subject: Re: Pain, pain, go away . . .

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Location: lake x...where the hell is it?
i am 33 and i am starting to feel it. 2 seasons ago my elbow was hurting every cast but i got a wirst band and put it on my elbow. last season it didnt hurt at all. i hope for the same this season, i try to stay active and make myself lift stuff, like carry all the groceries in by myself and things like that.
Posted 3/9/2009 11:59 PM (#365262 - in reply to #365090)
Subject: Re: Pain, pain, go away . . .

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Location: WI
I'm 30 and have tendonitis in both hands from my job. I troll when they hurt too bad from work/casting. I also wear a wrist guard and that helps a lot for wrist pain while casting and adds a little padding between the rod/reel and my palm. Trigger finger is not fun.
Posted 3/10/2009 5:48 AM (#365280 - in reply to #365090)
Subject: Re: Pain, pain, go away . . .

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Location: Cinti. Ohio
Fellow Muskie Hunters; I will tell the truth ( we are getting older no matter how much we LIE )
Posted 3/10/2009 9:55 AM (#365316 - in reply to #365090)
Subject: Re: Pain, pain, go away . . .

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Location: Rhinelander, WI
It defiantly sucks getting old. I turn 39 in a couple of weeks. I had hip replacement in December and as I recovered the last few month weaned myself of pain medication for the first time in probably 4 years. Started with Tylenol, Advil and Aleve and worked my way up to the good stuff as the hip got worse and worse.

The capper for me and what ultimately made me schedule the surgery was running my boat up on a reef on Pelican while fishing with my dad. This was a reef I have fished 100s and 100s of times and the combination of chronic pain and medication just left me unfocused. Luckily we weren’t hurt and there was no appreciable damage to the boat but it opened my eyes, what if I was in the car with my family and it wasn’t a reef but another family in another car. None of the stuff I was on had restrictions, but they all have side affects, and the pain itself has side affects.

So if my suggestions is if its’ something major get it fixed, you wont regret it.

The really cool thing is as I became medication free my shoulder started hurting, so I had my orthopedic surgeon take a look at it when I was in for my post op appointment. Long story short after an MRI it appears I also have a torn rotator cuff. The pain is only bad if I position my arm wrong so I am attempting to rehab with physical therapy and swimming, but man what a drag. To many years of hard living I guess, that will teach me for being so active. Makes me wonder if I should be pushing more video games on my kids…ok maybe not?

So I am looking at 39 in a couple of weeks, have one metal hip already, with the other one on its way out, and a torn rotator cuff. But it could always be worse and Musky season is right around the corner, so life is good.

Nail A Pig!

Oneida Esox
Posted 3/10/2009 10:41 AM (#365328 - in reply to #365316)
Subject: Re: Pain, pain, go away . . .

Hike your skirts up and leave the high heels at home you bunch of Nancies! Just kidding!

When I started to notice some of the little aches and pains I made a bunch of small adjustments to my everyday life that have seemed to help. Most of it is just increasing physical activity. Here's a few.

Take the farthest parking spot at work, or the store. A simple brisk walk across a big parking lot helps.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Again a brisk walk up the stairs does wonders.

I took up snow shoeing in the winter. That has helped a LOT! Plus I have found some great deer hunting spots.

Used the snowblower only once this year, hand shoveled it the rest of the time.

Can someone say push mower at a fast pace!

For any of you that hunt....LEAVE THE FOUR WHEELERS AT HOME! Walks in the woods are great exercise.

If you have dogs, you can never exercise them and yourself enough. Walk the dog!

I recently stepped it up a little and joined the local YMCA. That should help as well.

Bottom line is this, musky fishing is hard work and staying active all year has helped me a lot.
Posted 3/10/2009 11:20 AM (#365334 - in reply to #365219)
Subject: Re: Pain, pain, go away . . .

Posts: 208

Location: North East PA , 20 mins from Chautauqua
I turned 40 last year and had a bad case of trigger finger on my left hand . I ended up getting a few shots into my finger and I can now move it like the rest of my fingers but it's still not "right " . I am going to try casting with the left hand on the foregrip instead of squashing my little finger on the rod trigger . No my back is another story I've had the shots done but the discs are shot and I'm not willing to take the 50/50 risk of surgery to maybe get better . I double up on the napraxin on fishing days and a beer or two always helps when it's a long casting day . Trolling helps too.

Posted 3/10/2009 11:24 AM (#365335 - in reply to #365334)
Subject: Re: Pain, pain, go away . . .

Posts: 16632

Location: The desert
I'm 23 and would gladly trade my back pain for your hand pain in an instant. Anyone want to trade? My pain is pretty good, you might have to throw a bait or two in for me.
Posted 3/10/2009 11:40 AM (#365341 - in reply to #365090)
Subject: Re: Pain, pain, go away . . .

Location: Sawyer County, WI
I turn 47 this April. I've faired pretty well on the pain front until last summer, when I got a very nasty case of casting elbow. I'm a pretty healthy overall and get plenty of exercise both through weight training and various cardio workouts. The pain has reoccurred a bit this winter while weight training, and has me a bit concerned as musky season approaches.

I'm going to keep a close eye on my technique this season. Something makes me think I'm not letting the equipment do its fair share of the work, and I wind up stressing muscles, joints, and connective tissue. I also agree with what many have already written, being in good shape certainly helps and I encourage everybody to take good care of themselves so they are able to enjoy time on the water for years to come. Remember, you can't land a 50 incher when you are taking a dirt nap !
Posted 3/10/2009 12:02 PM (#365348 - in reply to #365090)
Subject: Re: Pain, pain, go away . . .

Posts: 223

Location: Minn.
My brother has rheumaoid arthritis and took a lot of Aleve to fight the pain. He developed a ulcer from the Aleve. once the ulcer was fixed he only uses it on occasion. So don't over medicate. Getting in good shape definately helps for the long days of fishing.We even survived 24 hours of throwing DBL Cowgirls with Steve Joinesi last year.

Edited by muskyfvr 3/10/2009 12:03 PM
Posted 3/10/2009 2:56 PM (#365382 - in reply to #365090)
Subject: RE: Pain, pain, go away . . .

Posts: 147

Location: Leech Lake, Walker, MN.
Time on the water and all those sports played in our youth do catch up with you. I will be 62 this year, unbelievable. I use a lot of vitamin I (ibuprofen) while on the water. Winter is the time of the year to hit the gym. Do some cardio and hit the weights. I don't lift heavy weights as I did when a pup but I do a lot of reps with lighter weights, mostly on machines. I ride my bike when possible and plan on some biking during the season. I have tendinitis in my left shoulder which really bugs me as I cast left handed. My doctor suggests a cortisone shot which I may do before the season. Lifting light weights doing shoulder exercises helps some, but I may have to get the shot.

If you don't have access to a gym there are several exercises you can do at home. Do something, it really helps. Depending on the amount of time you can spend on the water is another factor. The more casting you do the better you will feel as you train your muscles during the season.
Posted 3/10/2009 9:19 PM (#365464 - in reply to #365090)
Subject: RE: Pain, pain, go away . . .

Posts: 752

Location: Ames, Iowa
Lots of good replies here. After a degree in physical education and a young athletic life being invinceable, (weight 126-142), age has really caught up to me. Now 49, (weight 188) I've hurt my lumbar spine and recently have been seeing a chiro, not that I am a convert by any means. I won't get on the mat with the wrestlers I help coach. I am learning a lot of effective core exercises done with one of those big inflatable "beach" balls. I've been watching the amount I eat and walking alot, got down to 177. I think that walking is the key. It's simple. As far as fishing is concerned, I find that if I go into the season having exercised my hands and forearms by working in the yard alot, I have less pain. Taking breaks away from casting by trolling helps on harder days. For what its worth.
Oneida Esox
Posted 3/11/2009 7:24 AM (#365512 - in reply to #365464)
Subject: RE: Pain, pain, go away . . .

One more thing that a friend of mine taught me years ago, this guy has been fished a lot over the years, some you may have heard of him or seen him on TV, he hosts a show call The Musky Hunter.

He said John if you teach yourself to fish both right handed and left, palm the reel and hold the foregrip and avoid as much repetition as possible while fishing your days will be longer as well as your career! That has helped as well.
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