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The Blog II
Revenge of the Blog....
2/27/2005 10:07:06 PM
God Ranger and Slamr have a mixed up view of the world in my opinion. Ranger I understand, he's an old hippie and has far to many mood enhancing chemicals going through his body...but Slamr? I just don't get it....I mean he's Jewish....Arabs, for the most part want his people dead.....Saddam used to pay rewards to the families of the killers who would blow themselves up and kill his people yet maybe he feels Saddam should still be in power? Ranger doesn't want us to kill the people that want to kill us and Slamr's people...if I was Slamr that would make Ranger my enemy but they somehow come together as like thinkers? Maybe Ranger is my enemy? No....It takes all kinds. Maybe I see the world more cut and dry? Maybe I only have simple answers to complicated questions?

I see positive things happening in the world...freedom in Iraq....Iraqis coming out in defiance of what killers have told them to do just to have a voice for once in their life. The world coming together (even France!) against the crazed mulas of Iran...Lebonese people marching against me it shows that some in Lebanon want the violence in Lebanon/Isreal to end....I hope. No one wants to live in violence and no sane person wants war but I know that it is a means to an end of terrorism. I can't believe Ranger and Slamr can really be against that but maybe they feel freedom isn't for everyone...I wish they would both move to, I would miss them....maybe just to Nebraska.

Why does Slamr attack this president because of his religious values? Doesn't Slamr have religious values being Jewish? Shouldn't he understand that a persons religion is a big part of what makes them who they are and what they believe...I can't believe I just said that!!! At one time of my life I would have putdown my Bertrand Russell book and kicked my own ass for saying that. I still love Bertrand Russell even though he doesn't feel the logical person can believe in any god. I still need to think on that but I do love his anti-commi stuff...."The superior virtue of the oppressed" being my favorite and one I feel might enlighted some that add to Blog II.

"The idealizing of the victim is useful for a time: if virtue is the greatest of goods, and if subjection makes people virtuous, it is kind to refuse them power, since it would destroy their virtue. If it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, it is a noble act on his part to keep his wealth and so imperil his eternal bliss for the benfit of his poorer brethren." -Bertrand Russell

That cracks me have to read through the sarcasm in it but still good in my opinion.

Steve Cady broke down the other day on his way to give a talk at the Flatlanders Muskies Inc chapter in Rockford,Il...I didn't know they even had Muskies in Rockford? Some guy named Mike is jumping all over his ass on the internet about it in the name of his undying love for his chapter. I think I'm gonna have to have a talk with that Mike at the Chicago Extreme show if he's there....Cady has been having a tough time lately and doesn't need this jagoff making it harder and trying to ruin his name. Just don't like him kicking my friend while he's down. "Am I my brothers keeper?"....damn right...hehe.

I need to go and study for my Firefighters test I have coming up...till next time.....stay out of my garbage cans.

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1/31/2005 4:45:16 PM
Welcome to The Blog II...revenge of the Blog.

I'm Phish Killer and welcome to my thoughts....hehe

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