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Lying fisherman
7/18/2005 7:01:24 AM
I ask 3 other veteran muskie fisherman --all who have caught fish at 50 and above and all 3 agreed the 57 ain't no 57 -- big fish above 50 somewhere but not a 57 incher . why stretch such a great fish? to generate business for the camp obviously. MD

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7/15/2005 7:41:02 PM
If I see one more pic of mid to high 40's called a 50 Im' gonna puke puke puke pukeeeeeeeeeee! While i'm at I think the pic of linda rice's 57 is about a 51 min 53 max. Last year she posted a bunch of pic's about several abouve 50 being caught in 1 week or some BS . I thought every fish in the spread was exaggerated. She owns a camp on whatever lake it is. she post once a year with BS pic's . makes me sick . why not attach an ad with the pics . I can't stand it . having caught a 49 last week and 3 48's recently i'm sure most NOT ALL of these 50 , 51 , 52' inchers are 48 and 49's .. there I said it , feel much better , wanted to post this on the board in much nicer terms but knew the post would never last . Wanted to ask -- How do you question the length of a reported catch like linda rice's w/o seeming like an a-hole ?????? whatever ManitouDan

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