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Justin Gaiche's mindless babbling
5/17/2006 8:09:33 PM
Well, this is my first ever Blog. I guess 'blog' gives 'diary' a more intellegent, manly sound, not so...15 year old girl. I thought this would be a great place for my Blog because it's the greatest musky website on the net and I, don't think about much more than muskies.

I just released my first musky of the year, a nicely colored 37" fish. It was during the WMT on Waubesa, a day after the Monona tournament, a truely humbling experience. I didn't get to tell many people about how I got the fish. I wanted to share it not because of the size of the fish or the excitment of the tournament but what I learned.

We were fishing on a shallow, sand/weed flat with a lot of wind blowing on it and adjacent to deeper water. I was casting into the wind as we blew down the flat. I was ripping and popping a homemade twitchbait as I saw the fish approach. I said "Tom, here he comes!" Each time I'd twitch the bait, she'd move up within an inch of it lazily. Next thing I know, the muskie is right by the trolling motor. I feared that if I figure 8ed in the shallow water she'd take off. So what I did is hit the free spool and let the boat drift away from the fish and the lure via the wind. As soon as I got about 15 feet away, I began moving the bait slowly and as soon as she approached, I ripped the bait and she shot up and smoked it. I set the hook, she went air born and bang-0, 5th place.

We moved several other fish, but we did not duplicate the previous scenario and thus, didn't catch another fish. A lesson learned, and certainly exciting.

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