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Username: marotzbe

Body of Water: Lake X
Location: X, WI
Length: 47 inches  Girth: unknown
Lure: Artificial - Other  Method: Planer Board Trolling  Date Caught: 6/3/2017

I was fishing alone just before a huge thunder & lightening storm. Caught it trolling for eyes on a flicker minnow. Had to chase it down with the trolling motor. Very intense and have no idea how long it took to get it in. Then of course I only had a small 5 ft net. Fish was too big for a selfie so this was the only good pic I got of her. Out of the water & back to the water in around 1 minute. Good healthy, thick fish that was probably only 7-10 days off of the spawn.
47 inch muskie caught on 6/3/2017 by marotzbe