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Username: VMS

Body of Water: Lake of the Woods
Location: Kenora, ON
Length: 52.3 inches  Girth: unknown
Lure: Bucktail  Method: Casting  Date Caught: 8/17/2017

A cool front moved through on the day with a little wind, but not bad. The fish was hanging out on the back side of a small outcropping of rocks between two islands. The outcropping had an underwater shelf on the lee side which is where we were fishing. The fish followed in on a double 10, went into the 8, around 2 times, and engulfed the lure on the outside of the 3rd figure 8. A short battle ensued and my wife did a fantastic job of netting the fish. An amazing day to catch a personal best and to do it in the 8!!

Steve Vaerst

Oakdale, MN
52.3 inch muskie caught on 8/17/2017 by VMS