Ulterra losing pair with Remote
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Posted 6/2/2023 12:39 PM (#1021260)
Subject: Ulterra losing pair with Remote

Hit the water before 7 yesterday morning to avoid the heat but when I got to where I wanted to fish, remote could not find motor. Made sure everything was plugged in and tight. Finally dawned on me the that it had lost pair with the I-Pilot Link remote. Took me a couple tries but got it going. Little challenging for me because you have to listen for the beep and I have almost no hearing in the upper ranges, despite expensive hearing aids. Again, not really a big problem and this is only the third time in a little over 2 seasons. But, what is the cause? Is there something I should be doing, not doing? Looked on Minn Kota site, lots of help with pairing but nothing about what really causes the loss.
Reef Hawg
Posted 6/2/2023 10:17 PM (#1021286 - in reply to #1021260)
Subject: RE: Ulterra losing pair with Remote

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I had this happen with my terrova, spradically last year and it seemed to be related to a slightly loose connection at battery, or at least that is what I drilled it down to. It doesn't make sense that losing power briefly would do this, but it only happened after long runs, and I atributed it to the bouncing and said connection(did not lose actual power/prop while in ops btw).

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