Posted 4/6/2023 8:11 PM (#1019554)
Subject: Tick...Tick...BOOM!!!

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New bait coming from Figure 8 Lure Company.... Watch for it... A spinnerbait design that has never been done before for the market, but has been catching fish for 30+ years. A super versatile bait from shallow weeds to deep water. Tick...Tick...BOOM!!!

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Solitario Lupo
Posted 4/17/2023 8:45 PM (#1020002 - in reply to #1019554)
Subject: Re: Tick...Tick...BOOM!!!

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Been thinking of getting into throwing spinnerbaits. Have you tried the boss from figure 8. If so how did it work.
Posted 4/18/2023 5:14 PM (#1020018 - in reply to #1019554)
Subject: Re: Tick...Tick...BOOM!!!

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SL, I have thrown a lot of different spinnerbaits over the years. I prefer The Boss from Figure 8 over any others for quality and performance reasons. If you look at other spinnerbaits on the market, tha vast majority use barrel swivels and not ball bearing swivels. Also, where the swivel is attached to the arm, most are just bent over whereas The Boss, and now The Bomb, are attached via a twisted loop securing it to the arm.. The simple bent loops can open up in the net resulting in lost blades. These same companies look for a premium price for a less than premium product. Also with The Boss , you can easily change the main blade because of the ball bearing snap swivel. On The Bomb both blades can be changed. Figure 8 provides a high quality bait with a large wide tail grub trailer that flat out produces fish...at a very reasonable price. So yes, The Boss has produced very well and stands up to a lot of punishment.
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Subject: Re: Tick...Tick...BOOM!!!

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I like using spinnerbaits a lot around rocks and wood, and I put a snap and swivel on all mine to change blades.
I use a ball bearing on my single blade models for slow speeds and for helicoptering. I use a cheap barrel on my tandem spinners. (you get more thump with a barrel)