Shallow Diesel
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Anyone had the opportunity to use this yet? Any situations where this will really shine compared to a traditional shallow running stick bait?
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Go to page 2 of general discussion, title, new lure for 2023. Mr. Hanson describes the bait and how it runs. I picked up a couple, but won’t be much help till middle of may when I run them a bit.


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Used them last weekend on the water. Nice bait for sure, but runs deeper than a traditional "shallow" bait. But I'm ok with that.
Jeff Hanson
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I got some to try in Sept last fall. They definitely catch fish. Caught some nice muskys and pike on them and tons of big bass, both smallies and largemouth.
They will run 3' deep with rod tip down and will run close to surface with rod tip up.
They are great for running in and around cover. Can be used as a pull pause or twitch bait also. They have a really nice wobble on a straight retrieve too.
Cant wait to use them this spring. Anywhere you have that muskys are feeding alot on panfish this bait will produce.
They look great trolled also.
Jeff Hanson
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Picked 2 of these up at Milwaukee show. Tried them this weekend down south. Had 2 fish eat them. One got wrapped up in timber and got off other one boat partner knocked off with net probably 40”. Had fun anyway. Will be getting a couple more of these.