Line thru trout ? S.G.
Solitario Lupo
Posted 12/14/2022 11:34 AM (#1016511)
Subject: Line thru trout ? S.G.

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So I’ve been getting into savage gears line thru trout. Was wondering what you guys use to connect the hook up to the lure.

I used 80lb braid on the first one and thought I’d be fine but I was wrong as a big one hit it and took the lure with it so there went my first one and a very nice fish.

Then the second lure I used a 80lb wire leader from AFW. I guess after casting it for a little while the wire must have been bending and getting weaker where it was tied to the hook and well, one and final cast the lure went into the water.

I really like them and want to get into fishing them but they are so dang expensive and I can keep losing them on my stupidity of not knowing and still learning.

So how to rig these things up.
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Subject: Re: Line thru trout ? S.G.

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You could use either 130lbs floro or get a crimper and make a leader with some sort of multi strand metal like seven strand. I tie my own 130lbs floro leaders and it’s pretty easy to work with once you figure out a knot for it. I’ve been curious about trying that 16” line thru they make
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Subject: Re: Line thru trout ? S.G.

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i fish alot with the 12 and 16 inch models.

the leader i use is the 100lb 7 strand titanium from afw.

for both sizes, the rigging i use involves:

- attaching the wire to the hook that goes into the lure with a figure 8 knot. The hook that goes into the lure should be carefully selected so that is has the right shape + thickness to stay in the lure during a cast.
- using a beefly split ring, attach a second hook to the eylet of the first hook. This hook should be adequaltly sized based on the lure size. This places the hook near the head in case of head strikes.
- find a big & beefy split ring and attach it around the 2 free points of the treble hook that is inserted into the lure.
- snip off the extremities of those 2 hook points.
- using a "chain" of split rings + swivels, attach a third hook to the previously mentioned slip ring. Make that "chain" as long as you want, depending on where you want to place the back hook.
- keep the 3rd hook in place using a 10mm musky innovations magnet.

i hope this is clear to you, if you want, i could try to post pictures.
Solitario Lupo
Posted 12/15/2022 11:50 AM (#1016533 - in reply to #1016520)
Subject: Re: Line thru trout ? S.G.

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Thanks for the posts. I got some afw 7 strand in 80lb think I’ll give that a try with a sleeve. Thinking of running a smaller line for a fail safety so my lure doesn’t go flying this time. Will be learning your setup monsterlures.
Just been fishing the 10” but got a 16”. It’s to big to throw with my rod so I’m thinking of trolling it.
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Subject: Re: Line thru trout ? S.G.

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The Castaic Swimming' Cisco is a good line thru, anyone know the details on that rig? It comes pre-rigged perhaps you could reach out to manufacturer to see what they use?
Solitario Lupo
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Subject: Re: Line thru trout ? S.G.

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May have to look into that. Thanks.