Mini soft tail phantom
Posted 10/6/2022 6:20 PM (#1013537)
Subject: Mini soft tail phantom

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A pike put a small slice in the soft tail about 1/4”. Is there a way to repair it without replacing the whole tail?
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Subject: Re: Mini soft tail phantom

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I would just replace the whole tail. Putting glue it something on it would decrease the action. If you are talking about the 4” soft tail, they use smaller size kalins grubs for the tail part. Maybe like the 3” lunker grub—not sure. If it isn’t cut all the way off, just tattered I would leave it because it probably still has a good, unique, action to the tail.

Those 4” size ones absolutely slay pike in the spring.
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Subject: RE: Mini soft tail phantom

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Mend it is the best product I’ve tried for rubber. Doesn’t get crusty and holds pretty well. Widely available at the Musky shop, bass pro/ cabelas, etc.