Egg taking on Fox River
Posted 5/12/2022 4:34 PM (#1006323)
Subject: Egg taking on Fox River

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I stopped at the boat landing at DePere Wed to watch the WDNR taking eggs from the muskies in the Fox River. Quite an interesting operation. Also impressive to see five 50+ inch muskies finning side by side in the recovery pen before release back to the river.
The DNR had three trap nets set in the river but were able to get all the spawn they needed from the first net. I heard someone say that there were over 70 muskies in that one net.(unconfirmed)
Based on the concentration of fish in the river now it may mean they will be done by opening day
Biggest fish was a 56inch beauty
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Posted 5/18/2022 7:07 AM (#1006428 - in reply to #1006323)
Subject: Re: Egg taking on Fox River

Channel 2 posted a lengthy video of the operation on the Fox. Showed musky, the egg collection and explained the whole process. One thing I found interesting was that one of the spectators on the dock, checking out the muskies looked to be Brett Alexander, very popular guide on Green Bay.
They also mentioned that the biggest fish was a whopping 58 inch fish.