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Navionics Updates More Lakes

Published By OutdoorsFIRST Media
Published August 23, 2017

Navionics has updated more lakes...

As part of our ongoing product enhancement efforts, hundreds of new and updated lakes within the United States are now available. Today we released new mapping on 26 lakes and 4 were updated in Pennsylvania.

The NEW lakes are in Nautical Charts only. If Sonar Charts exists it is from prior tracks, not new data.

List and locations include: Canoe Lake, Chapman Lake, Cowans Gap Lake, Doubling Gap Lake, Foster Joseph Sayers Lake, Frances Slocum Lake, George B Stevenson Reservoir, Hills Creek Lake, Holman Lake, Kettle Creek Reservoir, Keystone Lake, Kooser Lake, Lake Arthur, Lake Frances, Lake Jean, Lake Wilhelm, Laurel Hill Lake, Laurel Lake, Little Pine Lake, Lyman Run Lake, Memorial Lake, Lake Nockamixon, Pinchot Lake, Peo Lake, Promised Land Lake and Lower Lake, Raccoon Lake, Shawnee Lake, Tobyhanna Lake, Whipple Lake, Yellow Creek Lake

See the improvements now....

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