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Three Questions: Dean Rojas

Dave Landahl
Published November 22, 2016

It's time once again for one of the top pros is bass fishing to tough it out and answer Three Questions from BassFIRST. This time around we have a brave soul who hails from Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The one and only Dean "The Machine" Rojas.

Sure, Rojas quaked in his shoes when the challenge of Three Questions was presented to him, but he bucked up and answered them. What was his reward for his efforts? He was asked Three Questions from BassFIRST, that's the reward.

Dean Rojas (Joel Shangle/BassFIRST)
DL - Do you prefer a tropical or alpine location for a vacation?

DR - I prefer alpine. I grew up in San Diego. Love the warm weather and had access to mountains. Now that I live in Arizona my family does a lot of relaxing in them. 

Hiking around, off-road adventures, wildlife observation, it's all so cool up in the mountains. Plus, the humidity in the tropics gets to me after a while.

The mountains are my theme park.

DL - Would you prefer to be a pro football player or pro golfer?

DR - Golf for sure. I love to play. I had the opportunity to play with Phil Mickelson. That's was awesome. My sons are excellent golfers. One of them wants to work at becoming a pro.

I feel I have the type of personality and mental toughness that it takes to be a pro golfer. You can also be a club pro and make a very good income, if you're not on the PGA tour. I love golf.

DL - Do you prefer beer or soda pop?

DR - Well, I can't drink beer all day everyday. You could with soda. So I guess I'd say I prefer beer. I mean, whenever I'm drinking beer I'm having a good time. 

I drink a lot of the light beers, but I prefer to try the local breweries al throughout the country. Traveling like we do there is a lot of opportunity to try a variety of craft beer.

Blonde ales are my favorite. Nice and crisp. I really enjoy the flavor. 

Also, when you are out with your male friends drinking beer is manly. Sipping a diet soda, yeah, not so manly.