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ANGLR Labs - new website now live

Published By OutdoorsFIRST Media
Published May 16, 2017

On the job, at your home and even when you're out fishing, technology is there. It's everywhere these days. The crew at ANGLR Labs offers technology to capture every fishing moment and provide easy access to learn those memories for more future fishing success. Through its newly-launched web site - - fishermen can easily learn how powerful and useful the ANGLR smartphone app, web-based Log Book, and the ANGLR Tracker - a Bluetooth connected fishing rod-mounted tracking devise can become for fishermen on and off the water. "Keeping a log book has been done by avid anglers for years," said ANGLR Labs' co-creator Landon Bloomer. "We've simply applied connected technology to make logging info an easy process so fishermen have the insights and data needed to be more successful the next time out."

The web site information discusses the three ways to use ANGLR Labs products - the free ANGLR smartphone app as a stand along product to capture, log and review trips; the ANGLR Log Book to provide full access premium service to extensive detailed insights into your fishing trips; and the ANGLR Tracker devise, which when paired with the free app easily and automatically logs key information into your ANGLR app and Log Book.

With the free ANGLR app (download from Google Play and the Apple iTunes store) auto-recording your entire trip with GPS and auto-capturing and displaying key weather and water data throughout the day, "it's simply a don't fish without tool for any fisherman," said Bloomer, "plus you can rely on ANGLR Labs to take your fishing to that next level when you the experience what the app with the ANGLR Log Book provides - and then another level when the ANGLR Tracker automates the total package."

Check out the 'best tech to hit the industry in the last decade' for fishing on the ANGLR Labs new web site at, and then take the next step by downloading the free ANGLR smartphone app. The ANGLR Log Book and Tracker (purchase includes one-year Log Book premium service) are offered at better tackle shops nationwide - both retail locations and web-based sites. A retailer list is available on the new web site.