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2015 Muskie Lure World Championship Winners Announced

Published By OutdoorsFIRST Media
Published February 28, 2015

The 2015 Muskie Lure World Championship held at the Muskie Expo in Chicago and Milwaukee was a huge success, with 23 lures entered from 7 different states and Canada.

 The contestants competed in 2 different divisions and 6 categories within each division, plus a best of show award.  The lures were judged by guests entering the show as well as a professional panel of judges. 

In addition to the votes cast at the shows voters at home could vote on the Muskies First web page, and the combination of the voting decided the winners.

Ryan Goetze was the winner of the best of show and in the Basement Builder Glide/Jerkbait division with a lure named "Cannibal".  The original lure was carved and painted to resemble a small musky which also had a soft plastic tail.  The detail is amazing including a realistic head and truly life-like paint job.

Each category winner received a plaque and a $75 gift certificate and the best of show winner received a $200 gift certificate sponsored by  The entrants also should be proud that they helped raise funds which will be donated to the NPAA for Future Angler Events.  

The contest is a unique way to highlight the craftsmen who make these amazing creations. 

People interested in purchasing these world class lures will be able to do that on an on-line auction hosted by Outdoors First Media on the Muskies First web page starting on April 3rd running through April 12th, detials will follow soon. For more information please go to

*    1st Place Basement Builder Topwater,  Louie Rosario - Magnum Rat 7"

*    1st Place Basement Builder Glide/Jerkbait,  Ryan Goetze - Cannibal

*    1st Place Basement Builder Blade Bait,  Phil Urbanski - Crowding Tiger

*    1st Place Basement Builder Crankbait,  Brandon Nelson - Code Blue

*    1st Place Production Builder Soft Plastic, Eric Larson - Pink Shad

*    1st Place Production Builder Blade Bait,  Mike Parker - White Tiger

*    1st Place Production Builder Crankbait,  Chad Harmon - Chad Shad

*    1st Place Production Builder Repaint,  Scott Mcpherson - Loco

*  ---  Best of Show,  Ryan Goetze - Cannibal---

Best of Show,  Ryan Goetze - Cannibal