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Eagle River PMTT June 24th & 25th

PMTT Eagle River This Weekend. Coverage of the event by MuskieFIRST will begin Saturday afternoon.


The 2017 Muskie Season is now open across most of the country.  Catch a big muskie this season and share it with us for a chance to win a reproduction of your fish done by Rick LAX! We will be picking a winner by random draw at one of the winter shows.


PMTT on Cave Run Lake

Gregg Thomas and Tony Grant hold on to win the first PMTT for 2017 on Cave Run Lake

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Day 1 PMTT
Gregg Thomas and Tony Grant lead after day one with two fish a 48.25" & 42". Scott Popowski & Jerry Burris are just a couple points behind in second with a 44.25 a 35 and a 34.50. David Johnson & Chris Halley are in third with two fish a 43'' and a 35.5''.

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Day 1  Photos

Solunar Tables by Huntfishsport

MuskieFIRST Outings

2012 Outings are scheduled and filling fast.

'Spring Bay Resort Outings are scheduled for Summer and Fall on Vermilion in Minnesota.

Outings Board and Info

Muskie Chats

Guide Norm Wild talked Pelican Lake, WI muskies on Wednesday in the MF Chat Room .

Luke Breyer of Muskie Mojo Tackle iis on deck for March 19th at 8PM CST.

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Want to see HUNDREDS of images of giant muskies?
Take a look at the Lax Reproductions Big Muskie Competition! Smokey's On the Bay now represents Lax Reproductions! | IMAGES

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The Latest Muskie Video Uploads

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Musky Misery on Eagle Lake
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Big Muskie Pictures

Lake X
by: jdsplasher
on: 6/18/2017

Lake X
by: fish4musky1
on: 6/18/2017

Lake X
by: Kirby Budrow
on: 6/17/2017

Lake X
by: jdsplasher
on: 6/16/2017
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