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St Croix Muskie

Jarrett Bink With His Pesonal Best on Eagle out of AML

Fall muskie fishing is heating up.

Ceasar Saucedo and Ric Cummings hold onto the the win at the 2015 PMTT World Championship with a 39.25''. Rob Kahl and Jordan Klingbeil took second with a 37.25'' and Anthony Wiesner and Andrew Hunter fill the third place spot with a 37''. See the  Day one coverage.  Championship Sunday

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The weather for the last portion of September into the first week of October looks stable. The bite should be stellar! Big fish have been active, check out this 'personal best 54' from 'bucknuts'.

Osfar and Knoeck win the Kevin Worrall Memorial Muskie Tournament and a check for $2500.00!
Buchberger and Meulemans took second, Wild and Forcier took third.

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See More on The Spring Bay Resort  Lake Vermillion Summer OutingHere ]

The late Summer bite has been good across the range, and many personal bests and FIRST muskies have been boated.

Andrew and Robert Judnick win the PMTT event on Lake Vermilion. The team boated four nice muskies on day one and one 48''er on day 2 for the win. Brian Fitzpatrick and Jason Long took second with six fish. 

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Mid-Summer Muskies! The fishing has been hot across the range |  Read More!

Tim Miller and Brian Krelle with a come from behind win on day two of the Eagle River PMTT. The team boated three muskies over two days for the win. Nate Osfar and Matt Raley fell to second place with a triple and Dewey & Johnathan Stewart took third place with a triple. Read MoreTournament Photos




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2012 Outings are scheduled and filling fast.

'Spring Bay Resort Outings are scheduled for Summer and Fall on Vermilion in Minnesota.

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Guide Norm Wild talked Pelican Lake, WI muskies on Wednesday in the MF Chat Room .

Luke Breyer of Muskie Mojo Tackle iis on deck for March 19th at 8PM CST.

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Want to see HUNDREDS of images of giant muskies?
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Lake St Clair
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Abu Garcia